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About Nightingale Farms


Nightingale Farms is a small family farm in the Sierra Foothills established in 2006. 

We are a family of 4 with the women leading the pack,(two little girls).  Rob, a Hydrologist by day, takes the lead in watering the fields and loves to find better ways to improve soil conditions on the farm, while keeping all ecosystems in natural order.  Lateefah, jack of all trades, is always ready to demo and then rebuild structures for improvements in the day to day farm living conditions.  It may be tough keeping up with these rambunctious kids but we do so with the absolute love and dedication to keeping things fun. In keeping with those traits we are pleased to acquire Nightingale farms and look forward to continuing a wholesome product that many enjoy and appreciate.  All of the animals are treated with respect and care. They have access to the finest natural diet free from hormones and unnecessary medications. 

At Nightingale Farms, we are dedicated to producing the very best products using sustainable farming practices, low stocking densities and quality care for our animals. We take the milk straight from our goats and use it to create the freshest goat milk lotions and soaps you’ve ever used. We also have many other fresh and natural skin care products.

 Have a question? Send us an email. 

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