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This is a 2oz container. 

Perfect for Gifts, Traveling or just want to try before buying a 8oz.


This containes 1 to 2 uses, if used on the entire body.


It can be used for hands and feet.


Scoops and rub to exfoliate the skin and allow the natural oils to replenish nutrients back into your skin. Rinse off to feel the softest skin.

One of the amazing ingredients in this Body Scrub is Kukui Nut Oil.

😍Kukui Nut oil has 7 Amazing benefits...

1.  Boost Skin Health

2.  Fights signs of Aging

3.  Decreases inflammation

4.  Improves sleep

5.  Fights fungal infections

6.  Improves digestive system

7.   Improves hair health


💗 Treat your body!💗Ingredients:Coffee Beans, Brown Sugar, Goat Milk Powder, Pure Kukui Nut Oil, Coconut Oil & Vitamin E.

2 oz Coconut Coffee & Milk Body Scrub

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