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My name is Lateefah and I am the owner/operator/maker at Nightingale Farms.  A farm girl at heart that loves to create new things with my hands.  From woodworking, designing, gardening and vast expansion of loving musical instruments. I have an overwhelming urge to not only create something beautiful but also sustainable.  Originally born in Sacramento, California my family craved to travel outside the states and so we did, traveling in different parts of the world.  As I grew up and continued to travel, I enjoyed meeting new people. Conversing with another is absolutely wonderful to experience and seeing thru their eyes for what mattered truly opened my understanding of what it means to live.  After meeting my future husband and having children we decided a slower pace would be the best thing to raise and expand our views.  In 2020, we decided to purchase a farm and then animals followed.  Being a stay at home mother and homeschooling children, I decided why not add to the bunch and raise Dairy Goats.  I have raised and assisted goat deliveries at the farm.  Something  not only I wouldn't have thought I would never do but everyone who knows me knows how squeamish I am.  I continue to amaze myself of my growth and watching my children grow up around animals and acres is the best decision I feel I made. 

At The Farm

Here at the Farm my day to day consist of Milking goats, managing all farm duties as restocking feed and moving bales of hay, feeding chickens, fixing/ patching any fencing parameters.  Creating lotions and soaps scents, developing new products to add to the brand, managing inventory, delivering packages, creating invoices.

 Most of all I'm using and building with my hands.  I'm doing what I love most and being what I believe is a wonderful role-model to my children. Encouraging them to not only put in hard work but to pursue their passions.  I'm all hands in to discover more about myself and to share what I create with others. 

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